Focus of each certification:

If you have read any of my other cert vs cert articles in regards to NASM you should know that they have a strong focus on corrective training. NCCPT is a certification that is gaining a lot of traction in the personal training industry. Its follows very closely to the ACSM guidelines and has a strong emphasis on stabilization in proprioception similar to NASM. Both certifications focus on clients muscular imbalances that have been developed throughout their lives. And both seem to derive a lot of their program designed from ASCM’s research but in a more organized fashion. The majority of clients you will train are coming from extremely sedentary lifestyles and the style of corrective training that NASM is absolutely perfect for. Although NCCPT is also a “corrective” certification they have not been around long enough to prove how effective their training model is. NASM on the other hand has shown time and time again that there OPT training model is very effective for clients of all ages and levels of fitness. Both certifications require you to be 18 years of age, have a valid government issued photo identification and hold a valid adult CPR card.


NCCPT vs NASM: Study materials, the test and prices


There are 3 different packages you can purchase through NCCPT. The 1st one has gained a lot of attention for being a great certification at the lowest possible price relative to others. This package is called the “exam only” package and is pretty self-explanatory. It consists of an exam voucher that lets you sign up for the test and online access to their training manual and instructional videos. The exam only package is only $299. The second package is called the “standard” package and contains an additional hard copy of the trainer manual, a hard copy sample test, a hard copy study guide and a 11 DVD video series. The standard package is $399. The most expensive package is their “premium” package and costs $675. It contains everything that the standard package does with the addition of a two-day live workshop so you can get a hands-on learning experience.

The test consists of 140 multiple-choice questions and is a close book exam. The exams take place at your nearest lasergrade facility. These are test taking facilities for various certifications that allow you to take the test in a controlled environment. After signing up for the exam you will have 6 months to schedule an appointment and take the test. If for some reason you go over the six-month time limit there will be a $75 late fee to be able to take the test. If you do not pass the test on your 1st go around you will need to pay hundred and $39 for each retake. The test can be taken 3 times in one year but no more. I don’t perfectly understand the scoring system but you need to get at least a 655(approximately 73%) to be able to pass the test. After the exam you will know immediately whether or not you passed. You will then be mailed your certification within the next 30 days. I could not find any information on pass rates regarding the NCCPT certification.


There are 3 packages that are offered by NASM as well. The pro-version will cost $699 and you will receive a hard copy of the textbook and entrance to take the exam. The second package is called their premier package and costs $849. It comes with an additional live workshop and an exam prep super bundle. The most expensive program is $999 and contains their “eTeach enrollment”. This is a fantastic resource that lets you discuss with one of their experts questions you might have regarding the study materials. They also offered to more options that guarantee a job after you pass the test and they offer free retesting if you fail for any reason. Right now they have a limited time offer to get started for just $99! NASM also has their tests performed in lasergrade facilities. The exam is 120 multiple-choice questions and you will have 2 hours to complete the exam. The results of the test are given to write when you finish. You will only get your score as a percentage if you feel the exam. NASM has a 70% pass rate so you need to be sure you study hard before you sign up to take the test.

Industry recognition and conclusion:

NASM the most well recognized and highest sought-after certification in the United States today. Every health club facility whether they are large or small know who NASM trainers are capable of. Most health clubs prefer that you are NASM certified. The variety of clients you can work with is really extraordinary because of the training you will have with their OPT model. They also have extremely well recognized specialization certifications like their CES and PES certifications. NCCPT on the other hand seems to be on the rising because of how affordable their certification is. You will not find a cheaper certification that is accredited by the NCCA. I have even seen group on deals for this certification. I am curious to see how they and up growing as a business over the next few years. But for now the obvious winner is NASM because they have proven themselves time and time again to be the leading innovators in the health and fitness field. Their certification is a good deal more expensive but in most fields of work you have to pay for the best! Check out NASM CPT to learn more details and options regarding this industry standard certification!  If you want to read more comparisons of certs click here. Also I am assuming that you are just starting out. In because of this you should check out my article on how to become a personal trainer! I hope you learned something in my NCCPT vs NASM article! Leave me a comment if you have any questions regarding either of these certifications.

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